LocKnut Kveik IPA (330ml Cans) Case of 24


APPEARANCE: Hazy golden colour
AROMA: An explosive bouquet of pineapple & mango tropical fruits
DESCRIPTION: A juicy IPA with low bitterness, packed full of mosaic hops and a large addition of pineapple and mango. All this is fermented with Kveik a Norwegian farmhouse yeast that throws off citrus/ tropical esters.

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When it comes to IPA’s (India Pale Ale’s) there is a huge world to navigate through so we wanted to start by breaking down the name for you. The name ‘Locknut’ was born in lockdown and is a nod at how we, as a beer loving community, stuck together through the difficult pandemic times. Hence Locknut, the bolt that sticks together.

Next we have Kviek. This is a Norweigan farmhouse yeast strain that is super fast at converting the sugars into Co2 and alcohol in the fermentation stage and, depending on the strain of Kviek yeast used, can give off wonderful aromas and flavours in the final product.

We go into more detail on this in our brewery tours which you can learn more about HERE.