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The History of the Wicklow Brewery



he Wicklow Brewery opened its doors on 5th September 2014. We had been toying with the idea of a micro brewery for some time as our tourists to Mickey Finn's Pub were constantly looking for a local beer. With the Craft Beer revolution currently at its peak, we decided that it was a viable opportunity that tied in well with our existing tourism & hospitality business.

We have invested in a state of the art 15 Hl Braukon Brew-house. The Braukon manufacturing facility is based in Bavaria in Germany and employs over 18 brew-masters in the design and production of high spec brew-houses, which they send all over the world.  Beers produced using the Braukon systems are consistently credited with world beer awards. They are the Mercedes of Brew Houses, with a reputation of producing high flavoured, smooth tasting superior beers.

The Brewery building was built using the highest specification materials including kagetec tile flooring, stainless steel cladding and argon gas stainless steel piping throughout. While some breweries outsource certain aspects of the brewing process, the aim at the Wicklow Brewery is to control the complete cycle from brewing to bottling, all taking place in our Brewery in Redcross.

As a result we have already recruited 3 full time local employees with a view to doubling next year with increased production. Keeping it local our spent grain is collected by Malcolm Fennel, a local dairy farmer who feeds it to his dairy herd. We use Irish Malt Barley whenever possible.
For those who wish to gain a greater understanding of our product, Brewery Tours are available with our Brew master, where you will learn the complete brewing process from tasting the malted barley to tasting the beers at different stages straight from their fermentation tanks.


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The Family History



ur story began over 35 years ago when Robert & Violet Williams (my parents) decided to convert their working farm into River Valley Holiday Park. The business has gone from strength to strength over time through their hard work, vision and a firm belief that some day Redcross would be on the tourist map.

Leigh then joined me in "the Family Business" back in 2001 and together we transformed Mickey Finn's Pub from a holiday park Cafe known as 'Heart to Heart' to what it is today.

We had travelled quite a bit experiencing breweries in other countries and could visualise the potential of every county having its own local beer. The final piece of the jigsaw was bringing one of our best friends Colm Farrell into the business and it was then time to build the dream. The Wicklow Brewery aims to establish itself as one of Ireland's top micro breweries, complete with quality beer being distributed nationwide.