Our Head Brewer

Bryan Kelly


y introduction to craft beer and brewing came in early 2009, when a friend gave me and IPA he brought back from America. My mind was blown with the taste and flavour of hops. I was hooked, I decided to make my own beer. After buying some buckets and a canned beer kit, I started an obsession. The first beers were bad, really bad but I was hooked.

I began all grain brewing and was starting to make great beers. It became my obsession and I brewed every chance I got much to the dismay of my family. The kitchen became a makeshift brewery and the hot press was my fermentation area.

During this time Wicklow brewery opened and I became friends with the Mathis the head brewer. After long talks with Mathis about beer and brewing I was determined to become a professional brewer. So when the opportunity came up to work in Wicklow Brewery in early 2016, I jumped at the chance. I quit my job and, I have never been more excited to clean floors in my life. Eventually I began brewing and my passion became job. In May 2017 I became Head Brewer and I oversee all operations from grain to glass.