The Hopknut Challenges

The idea for the ‘Hopknut Challenge’ stems for that saying that to truly enjoy something, you must first earn it!

What could be more enjoyeable than a hike with some friends only to find your favourite local Wicklow Brewery waiting on top to hand you a cold beer.


Our first HopKnut Challenge took place in August 2017, where a few intrepid beer followers headed up on a lovely sunny day to the top of Lugnaquilla.


We then took our Hopknut Challenge on our Mellon Educate Trip in 2018 and equipped with a suitcase of Beer and a few Mellonheads climbed to the top of Table Mountain and whilst captivated by the stunning views, we enjoyed a Hopknut in the sunshine.


On our next Hopknut Challenge, we were not so lucky with the weather and headed up to the top of Djouce on a stormy New Year’s Day Jan 2019. Amist the fog and wind, 2 hardcore bikers joined us at the top for a refreshing can of Hopnut. What better way to start a New Year.

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