Dining at Mickey Finn’s

• VFI’s 1st Winner of Best Food Pub in Ireland • Sky Tourist Bar of the Year • VFI’s Tourist Bar of Leinster • Wicklow Chamber’s Best Eating Venue

Book a Function

Be it a small cosy function in the Snug with finger food, fine dining in the Bistro, Hooley in the Brewery or an alternative wedding in the Beer Hall…

Book a Brewery Tour

Tours daily at 12.30pm & 3.30pm or ring us on (0404) 41661 for a private tour…

Our Beers & Stockists

Our Beers are full of flavour, sustainable and made from Irish ingredients including our own Wicklow well water. Feeling thirsty…

Beer On-line

Order our beers on-line and we’ll deliver straight to your door. Tempting…


Beer on-line, Gift Vouchers, T-shirts, Key-rings, Beanies, Masks or even a Keg of Beer…

Live Music, Hooley in the Brewery & Events

Our motto “No plan is the best plan”. Sit back on a keg, drink local beer and join the party…

Brewed for the Stories

Our Story, Red Hugh’s Story & Beer Stories. Got a story around our beer, let us know. Interested…


Why not make a night of it and sleepover at River Valley’s unique glamping. Micro-lodges, Tree-houses or treat yourself to Ireland’s first Glampotel. Spoil yourself…


Redcross Movies

Redcross Movies

Wicklow is a haven for the film industry and Redcross has been the chosen location on many an occasion, including J.B Keane’s “Durango”

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The Hopknut Challenges

The Hopknut Challenges

The idea for the ‘Hopknut Challenge’ stems for that saying that to truly enjoy something, you must first earn it!What could be more enjoyeable than a hike with some friends only to find your favourite local Wicklow Brewery waiting on top to hand you a cold beer....

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St.Kevin’s – The Miracle Ale of Glendalouch

St.Kevin’s – The Miracle Ale of Glendalouch

One autumn day, while Kevin was busy preparing meals for some crop gatherers, a number of pilgrims called and asked for food. Kevin, filled with compassion, gave them the harvesters’ dinner. He was rebuked by his superiors for his action. He then told the attendants...

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